Love Tapwater

Tapwater is 1000 times cheaper than bottled water.
It is better for the environment
It is often healthier
And yet...

(press space) drink bottled water :-(

You should pay for tapwater in bars & restaurants!


Bar owners hate freewheelers.
It's the only way we can beat the bottles.
So what's the plan? ...


  • You'll pay far less than for a bottle
  • A part of the profit goes to a good cause
  • This way we generate a win-win-win-win situation...

WIN for the consumer

It's cheaper than a bottle, and often healthier

WIN for the bar owner

The bar owner can still have his margin
Clients love him for it

WIN for the environment

Less plastic bottles = happy penguins!

WIN for a country without drinkable tapwater

It's where a part of the profit goes to

LOSE for companies who sell bottled water!

But it's evil anyway, so that's ok :)

We'll make this happen!

You'll see the masterplan unfold. Soon!

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